Virtual Summer Camp 2020

This summer,

encourage your kids to think critically and solve problems through

algorithms and escape rooms.

• Computer concepts through story telling, puzzles and problems.

• Programming basics using unified modeling language UML.

• Hands on learning on Sorting and Search algorithms.

• Emphasis on design thinking, mind mapping and problem solving.

• Team building and collaboration.

• Project based learning for deeper engagement.


  • Introduction to Algorithms: Sorting and Search - Hands-on

  • New concepts: UML, Mind Maps

  • Team based exciting projects - escape rooms.


  • Algorithms form the basis of computational thinking.

  • Mind maps help students to share notes and organize their ideas effectively.

  • Unified modeling language or UML is an industry standard to represent and share system information like flowcharts, sequence diagrams, deployment diagrams, object diagrams....

  • Puzzles promote a natural zeal for problem solving.


  • Project presentations.

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