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I am Pari studying in 2nd grade in Fremont, CA. Fremont is the home of Violet and Purple. I am excited for the ISS program because it is really amazing to see a rocket launch and learn about space. I am conducting experiments to learn about space and many other things like weightlessness, heat transfer, radiation, microgravity and more. I can’t wait to see my name in outer space.

I love the experiment kit as it has so many parts and doing experiments on the kit is fun. I learnt EV3 to control different parts of the kit. I worked with two other students in my team and a total of 11 students in the program at Violet Purple Computer Center. The stories of the birds: Violet and Purple make the experiments really cute.

I wonder what will happen if the two birds: Violet and Purple went to space, would they have to flap their wings to fly? If I get a chance to join the astronauts on ISS, I would love to float and see everything floating around me. Would my toothpaste float while brushing my teeth? Can I even walk or touch the ground or do dance in ISS? I have seen space in VR, but I get scared.


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