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My name is Amogh and I’m a 4th grader at Ardenwood Elementary in Fremont. Like most kids my age, I like chocolate ice cream, cheese pizza, and video games. But I also like developing games on Roblox, writing, drawing and learning about space science. When I grow up I hope to be an author and illustrator or an animator. I am participating in the Violet Purple ISS program.

The project I am involved in is called ‘the Colors of Radiation’. The goal of this project is to find out which color, black or white, is a better heater/cooler on Earth, and if the result is different in space. We chose this project because our ISS teachers told us to. Such research can give us a better understanding of radiation and colors, like what to wear on hot or cold days on Earth, or what color space suits astronauts should wear during spacewalks, etc.

On our project, we divided up tasks among different members. For example, one would be a timer, another would record the information, etc. I learned about circuits and EV3 for this project. So far in our experiments, on Earth, black was a faster heater and cooler. Since gravity doesn’t affect heat, I expect the results to be similar in space. If I were to conduct an experiment after this one, it would be to examine how different color radiation affects our body on Earth and in space.

This program or experiment results may not affect my career choices. But for now, I am excited that I will watch the spaceship launch in April 2019 in Florida and maybe see the astronauts who will be conducting this experiments in space for us.


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