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On the Lighthouse of Alexandria

About Me:

My name is Aarohi. I am studying in 5th grade at Ardenwood Elementary School which is in Fremont, CA. Some things that I am interested in are science, basketball, and kungfu. When I grow up I wish to be a doctor or a chemist, but I also want to go to space some day.

The Story:

Violet and Purple were at their nest in Malaysia. They had planned to go to Alexandria, Egypt. From the two days of flying, which was very tiring, Violet and Purple finally reach the lighthouse and see the colorful sunset and the beautiful golden rays of lighthouse light. Violet and Purple get some ice cream that they brought just incase they get tired. While they were eating, Violet and Purple climbed up the stairs. Violet said, ” I hope we get to stay here, it is so beautiful! ” Then, Purple said, “ Ha Ha Ha, we have to go home! “ Violet got out her magical map and saw the whole view of Alexandria. Then, they met a fairy. The fairy said, “Welcome to the islands of Alexandria. My name is Pari. Follow me to the castle of Andria.” Pari was singing on the way. Her voice was so pretty. Violet whistled with Pari. Purple said, “ Beautiful! “ While they were going, Violet lost track of the way. When she realized, Violet yelled, “ Help, Help! “ Purple heard that noise. She wrote a flow chart and programed Violet where to go on the computer which programs Violet. When Violet reaches to the castle she is so happy. Everybody has a royal celebration.


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