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The Crazy Trilogy

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David Pham is studying in 5th grade in Newark.

The Story:

The Crazy Trilogy:






Exclusive!: Mrs. C goes mad

Exclusive Fan story!: Kyoto meets Ginger

Ginger becomes a salt-planting poet...................

One ordinary day, Violet asked Ginger to make his

least favorite tea, ginger tea.... He got so mad he banged

his head(the top part of him, so all his plastic surgery

went to waste), he completely lost his mind.When Purple

came to calm him down, he was planting salt, eating

wood and singing “Cash, Cash, glorious cash”. Now, he

had pretended to go mad before, so Purple went to her

lesson.The next day he was shouting”Beware da

Jabberwock! I slew him and he came from the grave and

now he farts while banging his BIG FAT

STICCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!”Now, his record for this

trick was 1 day, so Violet thought he was trying to beat

his record and thought he would calm down the next

day.She went on making cake since Mrs.C was on

vacation in the Nocturnal Animal club.The next day was

worse; he would only say 3 words and two

phrases:cash,popsicles,abuse,I’m innocent,


To be continued...

Violet becomes a miner...

“We need a psychologist, I’m telling you, she’s lost his

mind...”,Violet said.”Mrs.C has a psychology degree, why

waste our piolet bucks.”Purple responded.”Violet and

Purple bucks, and you know she’s only awake at night,

Ginger’s getting worse by the instant... I mean cash to

Jabberwock in 24 hours? Not good.” ”Well, let’s call the

morning teacher then.” Violet called the headmaster

instead, but water had recently fell on the phone,making

the volume explode.The headmaster’s voice was so loud

that he barely got the message of the

psychologist.Meanwhile, Violet’s head was pounding so

hard she too went mad.The first thing she saw when she

woke up was the fools gold she had found the other

year.Now, without her mind, she immediately tried to

recall the finding and thought she had found some

gold.She immediately woke up purple and

shouted”GOLD,GOLD! Why didn’t we think all these

years? We found gold, so there’s more in the

farm(backyard).Then she went straight to a rock patch in

the backyard and started mining with her beak.Luckily,

Ginger was in the front yard shouting”LITTLE PUPPIES”,

and a mad robot and a mad bird do not mix well.So Violet

went on hammering with her beak, stopping between

times to shout”Appe ad banaynays(Apples and


To be continued...

Purple creates a non successful factory

By this time, Purple had seen Violet, she knew that the

psychologist HAD to come.She went to a meeting with

the principal owl, but during a street brawl, an agitated

cousin of Kyoto pounded Violet’s head and screamed like

a baby(He should have been programmed with more

memory) “Come BBBBBBAAAAACCCKK”. And , of

course, she lost her mind. Once she woke up, the first

thing she saw was a factory. She immediately made up

her mind to make a shoe company. She went home, built

a metal cube without a top with a fireplace(Cost her extra

special nest). She found some leather and made

something like this.

She proudly showed this off and auctioned it. Naturally,

nobody bought it, but she continued to make them.

Mrs.C goes nuts, literally

Mrs.C noticed everything in her student’s nest, and she

tried to go to a psychologist.Of course, a hammer had to

fall on her head(What is with this head banging??). Once

she woke up(Have we heard this before?), she saw a

bag of nuts looking yellow, and as usual, she thought it

was gold.This led to the conclusion that nuts were holy,

and she got as many as possible at the free nuts fair.She

filled her hot tub with nuts and dived it. She then

thought”Why not 3-d print nuts, it only takes an hour per

bag”.Mrs.C fell asleep while waiting, and woke up with 10

over filled bags of nuts. After what Mrs.C did what she

called”Progress in life”, This is what it looks like in the

perspective of a squirrel.


Luckily, a psychologist was walking by and fixed them

up.Mrs.C got a hammer proof helmet,Purple a fist

resistant helmet,Purple got hearing aids keeping

everything at the right volume, and Ginger got a wood

resistant helmet since when she hit her head, it was on a


Exclusive short Fan story!

Kyoto knew about Ginger before their meeting,so he had no

difficulty contacting him.His subconscious mind told him

Ginger was showing off, but he knew she was programmed

with more knowledge.Well,their meeting went pretty dang

weird, since neither of them have hands nor ears.They had to

carefully transfer messages over their shoulders,but Kyoto

planned out a tour of San Francisco, and they never argued

over their feathery friends ever again.


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