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Kyoto’s Sacrifice

About Me:

Dia Chatterjee

The Story:

Once upon a time there were two birds named Violet and Purple. And like any

normal day, their best friend – Kyoto – would go on a walk in the park. One day

Kyoto asked the birds, “Do you want to go to the moon?” Violet and Purple

thought it was a great idea and said, “Yes”. Violet said, “But it costs so much

money.” Then Purple said, “We can save up all of our money from our piggy

banks, until we have enough money to go to the moon”

Violet, Purple and Kyoto started working really really really really really hard, and

then one day they said that they have enough money now for their moon trip.

They combined all their money and took it to Mrs C., who was the head of the

moon trip.

Mrs. C. took the money and when she finished counting it she said, “There is only

enough money for 2 birds to travel”. Violet, Purple and Kyoto got sad, but Kyoto

immediately spoke up and said that he would sacrifice and let his best friends

travel instead. Violet and Purple thanked their best friend Kyoto and the next day

they successfully travelled to the moon.


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