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The Baking Bird-ostophie

About Me:

Jiya Phagwani

The Story:

If you were standing where this story takes place, in Violet’s kitchen you would be inhaling the aroma of fudge cookies. Violet and Purple are best friends who love to bake. You might think that Violet and Purple are two ordinary girls in fifth grade who like to bake. WRONG! Violet and Purple are birds. But even so they can bake like ordinary fifth grade girls.

“Ting!” The oven beeped signaling that the fudge cookies were ready to frost. They both flew to the oven.

“WooHoo!!” Violet chirped. A few minutes later about half the cookies were frosted. Violet and Purple were so tempted to eat them. But they couldn’t. Violet and Purple owned a baking business and these fudge cookies were for a customer, Mrs. Brown. This customer of theirs was really picky and she wanted everything to be perfect. But the good thing about this job was that Mrs. Brown told them to make anything(Except, being Mrs. Brown she told them to make the best tasting dessert ever). That was easy for Violet and Purple. Right after the call they received on Purple’s moms phone, the two friends knew exactly what to make: their speciality fudge cookies. Violet and Purple decided to take a break. After all they were only supposed to deliver the cookies at 3 and it was still 1:23 according to clock on the microwave. They decided to go for a walk around the community. On the way, they met their friend Kyoto the robot. Violet and Purple stopped for a few minutes to talk.

“Vi-o-let! Pur-ple! I am go-ing to a co-ding class. Wan-na join?” Kyoto asked his friends.

“Coding sounds fun! I’m in!” Violet exclaimed. “What about you Purple?”

“Sounds interesting! Let’s go!” Purple agreed.

“G-reat!” Kyoto said happily. And so they walked two blocks to aqua-blue, the coding class. Mr. C was the coding teacher and was very good at teaching the class how to code. Purple was very amused by the fact that it was screen free. By the end of the class, Violet and Purple had not only learned how to code, but also did 3-D printing, 3-D doodling and used VR. They had so much fun in the class that they stayed for the next 30 minutes and learned how to program Tokyo, Kyoto’s twin brother. As they were wrapping up, Violet glanced at the clock. It was 3:41!

“PURPLE!!!!” Violet shrieked. “We are 40 minutes late!” Purple had the same response. They flew home like fire was chasing them. When they got to Violet’s house they were welcomed to the sound of the phone beeping. Purple looked confused. Violet went to the phone and checked.

“Just a few messages, no time for those now,” she told Purple. Quick as a flash, Violet and Purple were back to frosting the cookies. When they were done, you could easily tell the difference between the cookies that they frosted earlier versus the ones they just rushed through. The ones they frosted earlier were smooth and looked presentable. The others just looked like . . . well, a blob of red. They decided that Mrs. Brown would have to make do. This time they flew faster than last time. When they rang the doorbell, Mrs. Brown opened it and screamed,”Why are you disturbing my Friday afternoon?” Violet cringed while purple squeaked,” Umm, we’re delivering your cookies?”

“Didn’t I leave you with about a thousand messages saying that I needed the cookies tomorrow instead?” Mrs. Brown demanded.

“So that’s where the messages came from . . .”Violet wondered aloud. They said a quick goodbye and when they got home they redid the frosting that needed to be redone and then admired their best creation.


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