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The adventure at Babylon

About Me:

My name is Kaaya and I’m in 5th Grade, Ardenwood Elementary School in Fremont, CA. I am interested in science, basketball, and riding my bicycle. I also care a lot about the environment and I like to learn different ways of being environmental - friendly.

The Story:

Violet and Kyoto are very excited about Purple’s Birthday. They think of flying to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with Kyoto’s special time machine. With Purple blindfolded they reach the Garden. Now they are looking at the beautiful sights which are very ancient. Because of this beauty Violet and Purple are starting to wander off. Kyoto does not know what to do, he is too slow to run after Violet and Purple. With the help of his friend Toykyo, they are able to find Violet and Purple. Now it's time to go home. Purple sure has a wonderful



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