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The adventures of Violet & Purple

About Me:

Neevan Krishnan

The Story:

Once upon a time there were two birds named Blue and Indigo. They were two inquisitive birds just like their friends Violet and Purple.They liked to explore the world around them and also knew a lot about human lives.

One day they were assigned to make a code for Kyoto (Violet & Purple’s trusty robot assistant to get him to Violet & Purple’s workshop in Coyote Hills. After that they started to work on the code. Then they peer reviewed by facetiming Violet and Purple.(Note: always peer review before using a code to make sure it is bug free.) During the peer review they found out that there was a bug in the code and V&P said they will come over for lunch to eat the bugs out of the code.

After that Blue and Indigo made a good code and gave it to Kyoto and this time the code worked and after ten minutes Kyoto reached the workshop and then Blue and Indigo upgraded to master coders and everybody lived happily ever after. The End

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The Graphic Novel:


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