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Kyoto's Birthday Cake

About Me:

Ritika Shah

The Story:

One fine day two little birds named Violet and Purple were at home in the kitchen. They were planning to make a cake for their friend Kyoto’s birthday. His favorite flavor was Chocolate, and his favorite thing to do was to play with his friends. So the idea was to make a chocolate cake and ice it to look like  him and the two birds ( Violet and Purple).

“ I call reading the recipe !!! ” yelled Violet .

“ Yay cake time !   I’m so excited! “ said Purple.  So the two birds got to work mixing and pouring, playing and cleaning.

“ The next step is to bake the cake for thirty minuets at a medium heat. “ read Violet.

“ Okey dokey! “ said Purple. They put the cake in the oven making sure they had set the timer for thirty minuets exact. They didn’t want a burned cake. After checking for the third time and cleaning the huge mess they had made they finally sat down fora bit of rest.

“ I am so tired. I need a break! “ whined Violet.

“ Violet you are such a whiner! Why don’t we fly to Coyote Hills to calm you whiner down. “ said Violet sarcastically

“ One, I am not a whiner and two, that is a great idea.” added Violet. So they flew off to Coyote Hills where they had so much fun playing, laughing, and flying. Then they remembered that their cake was still in the oven so they flew back home. 

At home, to their great surprise, they saw that their cake was missing. It was not in the oven. How can this happen?

Just then Kyoto walked in with cake crumbs all over his mouth. “ Kyoto, where did you get that cake? “ asked Purple.

“ I’m sorry! I came in looking to play with you guys when I heard your timer. I looked in the oven and saw this delicious looking cake. It was my favorite flavor and I was really hungry so I couldn’t resist it “ said Kyoto.

“ It’s okay. It was for your birthday anyways. “ said Violet. Kyoto thanked them and they all played for a really long time.

The End!


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