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Violet & Purple and the basketball challenge

About Me:

Rohan Shah

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a robot named Kyoto.

He met two birds Violet & Purple. They all became friends.

One day they went to play basketball at the park.

Violet said 'Should we do a basketball challenge?'

Purple agreed and so did Kyoto.

They discussed and agreed that 1 person will do defense and 2 people will do offense. Every point they will take turns. The person who scores 10 points first wins.

Violet makes a basket. That gives her 2 points. Then Purple makes a basket. Then Kyoto got the ball and hen ran with it and scored a basket. Kyoto scores 10 points first and wins the challenge. 

They all had a lot of fun. Then they all went home and ate Strawberry pie.

The end!


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