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Violet and Purple's Basketball Adventure

About Me:

My name is Siddharth Agrawal and i am going to Fifth grade at Ardenwood Elementary. Some of my favorite interests are basketball, swimming , karate, and playing video games; I also love drawing. I joined Violet Purple summer camp, ever since I joined Violet Purple my interest for coding has grown. Now I love coding and there are many cool kinds of technology at Violet Purple like Ozo Bots, 3D printing, VR, Drones, and Robotics. I want to come back for the Fall session and learn more about coding.

Violet & Purple Basketball Adventure

The two birds Violet and Purple were flying in the sky. As they were flying over a school, they saw people playing with a big round orange ball. They did not know what the kids were playing. Soon after, a kid shouted out I LOVE BASKETBALL! Then Violet and Purple wondered what is basketball and how does one play it. They sat down on a nearby tree and saw the kids play the game. It appeared that the kids were playing in two teams. It seemed that they were trying to shoot the ball in the hoop with a net. Violet and Purple got excited and wanted to play basketball with their bird friends. They used a small rock as a ball and made a hoop using twigs. They invited their bird friends to play basketball; they had the best time ever.                   

Violet & Purple Crayon Adventure

The two birds Violet and Purple flew inside a crayon factory. They said they would meet each other at the station where the crayons are made. After that, Violet and Purple saw two crayons and they did not know what the color of the crayon. The two birds argued because Violet said the color was Violet and Purple said the color was Purple. Finally one of the workers picked up the one crayon and said “the violet (Purple) crayon is done”. After that, they went home and celebrated the fact that they are named after a crayon. 


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