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On the Colossus of Rhodes

About Me:

Stuti Bhagra

The Story:

One day violet and purple were going to the library . They are excited to get new books. But they don’t know what book to get , Luckily they meet Mrs.C , and she suggests them to get a book about the seven wonders of the ancient world. Violet and purple happily accept the book. They sat on a couch and opened the book . ‘’ This is very dusty ‘’ Violet said and indeed it was .

Suddenly Violet and Purple found themselves spinning and spinning . About 1 minute later Violet and Purple found themselves in a new world. ‘’ Hey ‘’ violet shouted ‘’ this is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world ‘’ . ‘’ But which one is it ‘’ Purple replied . ‘’ I think it the Colossus Of Rhodes in Rhodes in Greece ‘’.

Violet and Purple decided it was a good day for a swim . They got in the water and felt coolness and freshness touch their skin. Suddenly Violet got swapped in a currant . ‘’HELP” she shouted ! As Purple tried to reach for her she got stuck in the currant to . The only help left was Kytoo in the library . Violet sent a teleport message to Kytoo . A few minutes later Kytoo arrived.

Violet and Purple had to code him to come to them on their secretary FIV watches .It was long work but eventually Violet and Purple find a perfect code . But the code was not perfect . Before they started Violet shouted ‘’ there's a bug ‘! . They fixed the bug and started the code . Very soon Kytoo arrived . Violet and Purple jumped on Kytoo and Kytoo swam them to shore. They ran back to the book and spinned and soon enough they were back in the library .


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