Film Making



  • Content is the king! (i.e., focus on content first)

  • Importance of visualizing before filming

  • Hands-on experience on filming and editing

  • Appreciation that filmmaking is a team effort

  • A little of theory and a whole lot of practice

  • Follow the step-by-step process, irrespective of genre


Kids understand the process of filmmaking. They learn about key film making roles (e.g., Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer, Production Designer, Music Director, etc.) beyond Actors. They become familiar with several aspects of film making that can elevate even their ‘home made video’ to a ‘film.’ Lastly they will work end-to-end on a personal ‘story’.

Topics Covered:

  • Fine-tuning your “Story” for the audience

  • Screenplay formatting and notations

  • Camera angles and storyboarding

  • Elements of “Mise-en-scene”

  • Directing and Acting

  • Filming and “B-Roll”

  • Film Editing

  • Dubbing and Foley (concept)

  • Importance of Background Music

  • Credits and Intellectual Property

Practical applications:

  • Up your game on ‘home videos’

  • Vlogs for Violet Purple or other science projects

  • Videos to explain ‘inventions’ or ‘product ideas’

  • Videos for your college applications

  • Explore film making as a hobby or career

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