Space Science Program: Grades 4 - 7

Space Science Program: Grades 4 - 7

How many kids can say they have conducted their own experiments on NASA's International Space Station?

You are wondering what students gain by running eperiments on International Space Station? It's a resume diffrentiating opportunity where students get to learn, present and be certified for running experiments on ISS. They also get the opportunity to be invited to Kenedy Space Center to view NASA's rocket launch to ISS and present their experiment to the scientists, astronauts and visitors to KSC, Florida on the day of the launch.

This is one of a kind NGSS-aligned, innovative STEM program that allows students to create, launch and run their own experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Students learn about basic phisics like gravity, motion, heat, radiation, humidity..... They follow scientific method to do research, make hypothesis and run experiments, keeping journal  of their daily observations and learning. Learn to design and build experiments on ground units and code in EV3 to upload and run their experiments 

  • Schedule

    1 hr class once a week.

  • Address


  • Duration:

    3 months

    12 classes of 1 hr each week.

  • Dates

    Starting in October.  DatesTBA

  • Pre-requisites

    Beginner Level Coding & Circuit Design


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