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Python Programming

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  • Starts Sep 5
  • 139 US dollars
  • Online

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Python Programming Course Learn the Fundamentals of Python Programming Python is an excellent choice for young programmers starting to code using a high-level language. Its intuitive syntax makes it easier to learn compared to other popular languages such as Java, C++, or C#. This course is designed to introduce students to fundamental programming concepts and help them transition to more advanced topics. Course Content Module 1: Basics Basic Syntax - Understand the basic structure and syntax of Python code. Loops Learn about different types of loops and how to use them. Decisions and Conditions - Master if-else statements and logical conditions. Operators - Get familiar with various operators used in Python. Functions - Write reusable code blocks with functions. Module 2: Advanced Topics Data Structures: Organizing data for efficient storage and retrieval - Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples and Sets. Modules and Packages: Organize and reuse code with modules and packages. Classes and Objects: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). File Handling: Read from and write to files to manage data persistently. Workshop Tenets Computer Concepts Through Storytelling, Puzzles, and Problems: Engage students with creative methods to explain complex concepts. Programming Basics Using Unified Modeling Language (UML): Visualize programming structures and flow. Hands-On Learning: Emphasize practical experience through coding exercises. Design Thinking, Mind Mapping, and Problem Solving: Encourage innovative thinking and systematic problem-solving skills. Team Building and Collaboration: Foster a collaborative learning environment. Project-Based Learning: Enhance engagement through real-world projects. Course Details Schedule: 1 hr weekly classes every Thursday, 6 PM - 7 PM PST Location: Online: Zoom link will be provided post-registration. Duration: Full Year Program: Designed for students in grades 5-6 Fee: $139/month: Due at the start of every month. Grade Level: 5-6 Why Choose This Course? Expert Instruction: Learn from experienced educators who make complex concepts accessible and enjoyable. Engaging Projects: Participate in practical projects that emphasize learning through doing. Collaborative Learning: Develop social skills and foster a sense of community by working in teams. Foundation for Advanced Courses: This course lays the groundwork for further study in PyGame and Raspberry Pi.

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+ (510) 497-0974

6335 Jarvis Avenue, Newark, CA 94560, USA

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