Pari's Blog

I am Pari studying in 2nd grade in Fremont, CA. Fremont is the home of Violet and Purple. I am excited for the ISS program because it is really amazing to see a rocket launch and learn about space. I am conducting experiments to learn about space and many other things like weightlessness, heat transfer, radiation, microgravity and more. I can’t wait to see my name in outer space. I love the experiment kit as it has so many parts and doing experiments on the kit is fun. I learnt EV3 to control different parts of the kit. I worked with two other students in my team and a total of 11 students in the program at Violet Purple Computer Center. The stories of the birds: Violet and Purple make the e

Aarav's Video

Aarav Kapoor loves space and is running his science experiments on International Space Station through Violet Purple Computer Learning. Here's what he thinks about Falcon 9.

Aarav's Blog

This is Aarav Kapoor I am in 3rd Grade. I am representing Voilet Purple School. I am so interested to know about space, specially universe and rockets. I am so excited that I am going to visit Kennedy Space Center. I know lots about rockets specially Falcon 9, Saturn 5, and BFR. Falcon 9: Did You know Falcon 9 is a rocket which is manufactured by SpaceX. falcon 9 cost $50m per launch, height 230ft, Diameter 12ft, Mass 549054kg. Falcon 9 have 2 stages. Why does falcon 9 has two stages? Some engine can work in space while other engine can’t work in space. The Merlin engine can work only where there is air but not in space. Merlin vacuumed engine (which is the second stage engine) can work in

Falak's Blog

Bio: Falak V. is in ninth grade at American High School in Fremont. She participated in the ISS: Quest for Space in 2019 through Violet Purple Computer Learning and saw her project launch to the ISS in March 2019. She likes to read, wrestle, draw, and watch scientific documentaries. One day she hopes to be an astrophysicist. Face-to-face with Falak V. Hello, my name is Falak. My project was ISS Quest for Space, Level 2. I had a lot of fun while executing the experiment. We started with a basic understanding of thermodynamics, the ISS, and gravity to help build the experiment. The experiment itself is about convection on Earth versus microgravity. Getting the experiment ready caused me to lea

Adish's Blog

Adish’s ISS Journey My name is Adish Joshi. I am in 4th grade in Ardenwood Elementary, Fremont CA. I am participating in ISS program in Violet purple in 2018-2019. My project is going to launch to ISS in April 2019. I like hockey, basketball, swimming, dancing, science, technology and math. One I hope to be a hockey or basketball player or a CEO of a technology company. I am involved in the Colors of Radiation. We di this project to find out if black or white was a better heater/cooler. We chose this project with the help of our ISS teacher. It could be useful for humankind because this will help us learn more about radiation. We worked as a team. It turned out that black was a better heater

Utsav's Blog

Utsav is in 5th grade attending Stratford school in Pleasanton. He is participating in the ISS Program offered by Violet Purple Computer Learning center in 2019 and is excited to present his experiment at Kennedy Space Center, Florida where he plans to view the launch of SpaceX CRS-17 in April. He likes computers and doing DIY science. One day he hopes to be a coder! Exploring space Q:What project are you involved in? A:I was involved in a project that tested which color heats faster and which cools faster. Q:How did you choose the topic you investigated? A: I was assigned the topic. Q:How could this type of research be useful for humankind? A: This researcher could help people decide which

Nathan's Blog

Hi my name is Nathan, I am 10 in a half years old and I’m in fifth grade. I go to Pioneer Elementry School in Union City. I do coding class from Violet Purple. My hobbies are I like to play video games and i like to draw and I also like to create. I want to be a engineer when I grow up. The project that I was involved in was the ISS program. I chose to this program because I wanted to learn about technology and space. This program is useful because there is team corporations. It helps mental thinking and problem solving. I learned programing language from my teachers. If I were to review my data I would data my experiment would be more successful. I found programing exciting and fun for me t

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