Amogh's Blog

My name is Amogh and I’m a 4th grader at Ardenwood Elementary in Fremont. Like most kids my age, I like chocolate ice cream, cheese pizza, and video games. But I also like developing games on Roblox, writing, drawing and learning about space science. When I grow up I hope to be an author and illustrator or an animator. I am participating in the Violet Purple ISS program. The project I am involved in is called ‘the Colors of Radiation’. The goal of this project is to find out which color, black or white, is a better heater/cooler on Earth, and if the result is different in space. We chose this project because our ISS teachers told us to. Such research can give us a better understanding of rad

Aarya's blog

My name is Aarya Dalal. I’m in the 4th grade at Ardenwood Elementary in Fremont,CA. I started to learn coding at Violet Puple and my interest grew so I continued on with more classes. I participated in Violet Purple in 2019 and saw my project launch to the ISS Spx-17 on April 25th, 2019. I like science, space, dancing, singing, collecting rocks & sea shells. One day I hope to be a dancer & would also love to travel to outer space. I learned some cool experiments in Violet Purple. We mainly learned about heat & radiation. We learned which colors would heat up or cool down faster. We also learned how to program with the Ev3 block using Lego Mindstorms, which helped record the readings of

Claire's Blog

Claire Lin is in 3rd grade at Ardenwood Elementary in Fremont. She participated in Violet Purple from 2018 to 2019 and saw her project launch to I.S.S on CASIS in April 2019. Claire likes to read, play piano,play viola,dance, and to give puppies and dogs love. One day she hopes to be a pianist and violist. Claire’s Blog About I.S.S - What project are you involved in? I am involved in an experiment on Earth’s Gravity, another one on gas and water, a different one on colors of radiation, and another one on coding colors of radiation. -How did you choose the topics you investigated? I chose the topics because many people are curious about these experiments and of their results in space. - How c

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