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To inspire kids to learn technology by promoting their zeal to explore.

Computer Science for beginners

It's not just coding, but complete Computer Science Course following CSTA standards.

Interactive Learning: Programming classes with visual and interactive learning tools.
Reinforcement: Access to labs for course and project work.
Social: Project work within collaborative teams.
Technology Exposure: Latest gadgets and tools to experiment and prototype.

.. where imagination is greater than knowledge

Pastel Purple with Circle Shapes Weekly
Pastel Purple with Circle Shapes Weekly

Who are Violet and Purple?

Violet and Purple are two birds that live in Coyote hills in Ardenwood. They are very inquisitive and love to explore the world around them. 

One day, they fly very close to the human colony and are fascinated by the machines they see humans use. Their teacher Mrs. C helps them to understand what machines are and how to program them to not only solve real life problems but also to use it as an expression of their creativity and imagination

They embark a journey of meeting new machines, learning to talk to them through programs and express their creativity in drawing, music and building through their new found friends. 

Come embark on this fun filled journey of exploration and learning with Violet and Purple where Mrs C helps them understand, learn and effectively use technology. The sessions at Violet Purple are designed to deliver unique learning experiences by delivering the computer concepts through the medium of storytelling, colors, building blocks, music and drawing thereby engaging kids while they learn.

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