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Code Philosophy:

  • Empathize/Design/Conceptualize

  • Draw code

  • Review

  • Execute

  • Test

  • Code repository

Beginner Level: Event

Basic Circuitry

  • Voltage/Current/resistance

  • Series Vs Parallel 

  • Electrical Components - resistor, switches, potentiometer

  • Circuit diagrams

  • Ohm's law

The beginner level introduces basic programming, robotics and 3D printing concepts using project based learning. Kids learn the concepts by hands on engagement in a team environment.


  • Aligned with CSTA standards for Computer Science Education.

  • Syntax free programming using visual programming language.

  • Emphasis on design thinking, mind mapping and coding philosophy. 

  • Empathy, team building and problem solving.

  • Sessions are designed to deliver a unique experience through a combination of colors, storytelling, interactive gadgets, building blocks and music.



Basic Programming Concepts:

  • Sequence of Instructions

  • Input/output

  • Operators

  • Functions

  • Random

  • Design Thinking


  • ISS Program: Experiments on International Space Station

3D Printing and CAD:

  • 3D modeling - Shapes, planes, holes,

  • Computer Aided Design - TinkerCAD

  • Modeling automation using programming - Codeblocks

  • 3D Printing techniques

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