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The advanced course is designed for the ones that choose computer science as their choice of work and want to understand how stuff works behind the tool. The course introduces to data structures, algorithms, OS and microprocessor languages before learning a higher level language like Python, C++ or Java. the electives allow kids to further dive deeper in the stream of their choice ranging from web applications, mobile applications, conversational programming for Alexa and google home devices, blockchain, Internet of things, VR and AI.

Advanced Level: Event




  • Advanced computing concepts

    • OS Deep dive into linux, intro to mac and windows.

    • Assembly programming

    • Microprocessor programming

  • Advanced programming concepts:

    • Data Structures - arrays, lists, maps, hash tables, vectors, graphs, tree

    • Algorithms - sorting, searching.

    • Introduce high level programing - Python, JS, Java, C/C++

  • ​Advanced circuits and modeling.

  • Reinforce and expand upon - Build and Code philosophy

  • Empathy, team building and problem solving.

  • Project based learning

  • Electives: Electives may have their own requirements to take that course.Real life complex applications/developer/industry problems.

    • web programming, mobile app development, conversational programming, blockchain, VR, AI, IoT.


Advanced course allows them to transition deeper on what’s behind the technology. Deep dive into computer and programming concepts. Learning at least one high level programming language that would build the foundation to become real developers. Electives allow them to strengthen their development background to solve industry problems.

Code Philosophy:

  • Gather Requirements/Empathize

  • Design/Conceptualize

  • Draw code

  • Structure/organize code in blocks

  • Write code using a High Level Language

  • Review

  • Test

  • Code repository

  • Deliver

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