Block Languages like Scratch and Blockly

  • Introduction to Circuits - Arduino. 

  • Introduction to Computers - Rasberry Pi

  • Introduction to 3D modeling - TinkerCAD 3D Printing 

  • Introduction to Web 

  • Introduction to Robotics 

  • Emphasis on curiosity, creativity, engagement and collaboration

  • Project based learning

  • Empathy, team building and problem solving


Kids should have familiarity to basic technology. This level  equips kids to effectively use technology in the field of their choice, so that they are  familiar and proficient in using it to solve real world problems.

Code Philosophy:

  • Gather requirements/Empathize

  • Design/Conceptualize

  • Draw code

  • Structure/organize code in blocks

  • Review

  • Test

  • Code repository

  • Deliver


  • Rocketry: Build and launch model Rockets

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