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Intermediate Level: Event

Space Science

ISS Program is designed to fascinate students with outer space research and prepare them for the next frontier - Space. It explores the challenges of outer space through the medium of scientific experiments. Students find opportunity to design and execute their experiments on International Space Station (ISS) under microgravity. Checkout out Violet Purple Vlog on Space Explorers.


Space Science for kids

The opportunity:

  • Inspiring kids for outer space thereby preparing them for the future - Space, the next frontier.

  • Ability to run experiments on ISS (International Space Station) Flight unit and analyze results in microgravity.

  • Explore the challenges of outer space and redefine scientific experiments.

  • Exclusive invitations to watch rocket launches and tech talks on space research.

  • Level 2 allows basic scientific experiments to be conducted on ISS flight units with the help of ground units in our school. Students conduct the experiments on earth under gravity and then run the same experiment on ISS observing the effects of micro gravity, radiation and free fall on their experiments.

  • Level 3 is a resume differentiating factor for college applications, allowing students to send their own experiments to space.

Course Objectives:

  • The science: Level 2 experiments focus on Heat transfer that directly relate to Middle school physical science standards: NGSS MS PS1-4.

  • Scientific method of running experiments and keeping journals.

  • Arduino programming.

  • Circuit and bread boarding.

  • Certificate at the end of successfully completing the course on ISS.

  • Presentation of the experiment goals, process and learnings


Two deliverables are required from each student to run experiments on the ISS flight unit.

  • An experiment design documentation

  • Arduino experiment program

In order to successfully complete the course, the students have to review the test results from ISS and validate/compare their hypothesis

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