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At Violet Purple we are Silicon Valley engineers, public school teachers, and entrepreneurs. 

We believe it’s very important to connect with leading thinkers in order to inspire our students in becoming creative, innovative leaders. Ultimately, with the appropriate investment, we can use these collaborative projects to transform STEM education beyond our walls.

We started as a voluntary program in 2016 at a public school in Silicon Valley. Developed a complete computer science course while collaborating with school teachers. The course was designed to reduce the barrier to technical education through higher engagement and hands-on learning.

The course was presented at STEAM Symposium 2018 held in Long Beach, California. We built our first Makerspace and subsequently expanded our program to middle school students.

Our students presented their experiments at the NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida in 2019 during the launch of SpaceX CRS-17 mission.


The summer of 2020 provided an opportunity for hybrid learning with online instructions and STEM kits delivered at home. Violet Purple is now bringing the same course as a year-long, online supplement program for the global community.


Some of our collaborators are:

  • Startups

  • UC Berkley Alumni.

  • Silicon Valley Big Tech firms.

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