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Arduino | Introductory Projects | June 12-16 | Grades 6-10
  • Arduino | Introductory Projects | June 12-16 | Grades 6-10

    Do you want to dabble in building your own elctronic devices controlled through your programs... From blinking LED lights to internet-connected toaster ovens and alarm systems, Arduino offers unprecedented access to the world of technology. If this sounds interesting to you, then read on as to why you should be learning it right now.


    Arduino is an open-source electronics and coding platform that allows anyone to build and program all kinds of devices. Arduino sets are simple electrical devices that allow you connect all kinds of wires and components together to make both simple and complex machinery.

    #1 Arduino Has A Low Bar of Entry

    #2 Become a Programmer in Less Time

    #3 Build Cool Stuff

    #4 Become a Problem-Solver

    #5 Build a Foundation for a Career


    ArduBlockly is used as a programming platform to allow students learn programming using a visual, block based construct. We would be giving an Arduino kit for hands-on projects and TinkerCAD for simulating circuits online.


    Learn how to prototype programmable electronic devices and even create functional projects for your home, office, or even as unique gifts for friends.

    • Schedule

      Daily 9am - 12pm, June 12 to June 16

    • Address


      Zoom link will be provided post registration.

    • Half Day Program

      Designed for students in grades: 6-10

    • Kit

      Students need to purchase their own kit.

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