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Programming | Beginner Level | Screen free | June 5-9 | Grade 2-3
  • Programming | Beginner Level | Screen free | June 5-9 | Grade 2-3

    The beginner level introduces basic programming concepts using project based learning. Kids learn the concepts by hands on engagement in a team environment with no screen time. Instead of screens or computers, we use physical programmable bots to teach kids programming.


    • Aligned with CSTA standards for Computer Science Education.

    • Syntax free programming.

    • Emphasis on design thinking, mind mapping and coding philosophy. 

    • Visual programming language without screen time.

    • Programmable bots with physical board for execution.

    • Empathy, team building and problem solving.

    • Sessions are designed to deliver a unique experience through a combination of colors, storytelling, interactive gadgets, building blocks and music.

    Basic Programming Concepts:

    • Sequence of Instructions

    • Input/output

    • Decisions

    • Loops

    • Operators

    • Functions

    • Random

    • Design Thinking

    • Schedule

      Daily 9am - 12pm, June 5 to June 9

    • Address

      Violet Purple

      6335 Jarvis Avenue, Newark, CA-94560

    • Half Day Program

      Designed for elementary kids Grade 2-3

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