...."Where Imagination is greater than Knowledge".

We provide online and on-site programming classes for kids,

to fascinate them with technology.

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The beginner level introduces basic programming, 3D modeling, circuitry and robotics through hands-on projects and kits. This level uses ideas of storytelling, empathy and hands-on project based learning to build a strong technical foundation.

Space Experiments on ISS

Students find opportunity to design and execute their experiments on International Space Station (ISS) under microgravity. The experiments are designed using Arduino based ground units and then remotely uploaded to ISS for data comparison.

Rocketry and Advanced Programming

Students build and launch model rockets to master STEM concepts of gravity/pressure, aerodynamics and Newton's laws of motion. Course also covers full depth of programming from loops, decisions, functions to file system, algorithms and objects.


Beautiful Landscape

explore coding in an interactive and engaging way

“At Violet Purple, children enter the world of computer programming without being fixated to a screen. Their lessons and workshops allowed my students’ imaginations to explore coding in an interactive and engaging way!”

— Caitlin Christopherson, Elementary school teacher, Fremont Unified School District.