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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the goal of teaching kids programming in early age? As technology is making it’s way in homes and every field of work, its no more limited to just programming. Technology is becoming a lifestyle. Having basic understanding and familiarity with technology would make kids confident in using the technology effectively in every walk of like and career. Programming promotes design thinking that fundamentally help kids to build framework for future learning and creativity. Q) Kids are getting too much screen time and that effects their development. How does your program address this concern? The whole beginner level course is designed to introduce kids to programming fundamentals with zero screen time. We use interactive gadgets and visual aids to help them understand basic concepts in a playful manner. Instead of isolating kids on screens and monitors, we encourage team based learning that builds on creative expression using music, arts, drawing and building blocks. Q) Where do the gadgets fit in with your course? We see a lot of DIY kits, robots that promote coding. How is your course different? DIY kits are tools that help demonstrate and practice certain computer science concepts. We use some tools in our course as an aid to introduce these concepts. We recommend even more practice using more tools and gadgets in our labs. But course takes care of being true to the core of Computer Science learning. As the tools keep changing, the basics of computational thinking don’t change. We introduce the same fundamentals and basics of Computer Scinece to kids using gadgets for better engagement and visual representation. Kids are able to iterate faster with their code and see it into effect in the real world using gadgets or bots. No single bot/gadget provides a complete course to introduce Computer Science concepts step-by-step from basic instructions to high level languages to real life applications. We don’t teach kids to program any single gadget, but use it as an aide to understand and practice some core CS concept.

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