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Claire's Blog

Claire Lin is in 3rd grade at Ardenwood Elementary in Fremont. She participated in Violet Purple from 2018 to 2019 and saw her project launch to I.S.S on CASIS in April 2019. Claire likes to read, play piano,play viola,dance, and to give puppies and dogs love. One day she hopes to be a pianist and violist.

Claire’s Blog About I.S.S

- What project are you involved in?

I am involved in an experiment on Earth’s Gravity, another one on gas and water, a different one on colors of radiation, and another one on coding colors of radiation.

-How did you choose the topics you investigated?

I chose the topics because many people are curious about these experiments and of their results in space.

- How could this type of research be useful for humankind?

This could be useful for humankind because we are on Earth, and the I.S.S is in space, so the results might be different.

- What did you do to get your experiment ready?

We watched educational videos and had to gather our materials, and we got different jobs assigned.

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