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Aarav's Blog

This is Aarav Kapoor I am in 3rd Grade.

I am representing Voilet Purple School.

I am so interested to know about space, specially universe and rockets. I am so excited that I am going to visit Kennedy Space Center. I know lots about rockets specially Falcon 9, Saturn 5, and BFR.

Falcon 9: Did You know Falcon 9 is a rocket which is manufactured by SpaceX. falcon 9 cost $50m per launch, height 230ft, Diameter 12ft, Mass 549054kg. Falcon 9 have 2 stages.

Why does falcon 9 has two stages? Some engine can work in space while other engine can’t work in space. The Merlin engine can work only where there is air but not in space. Merlin vacuumed engine (which is the second stage engine) can work in space while not in air. Aerospike engine can work in air and space, but it is untested technology. The first stage job is to put the 2nd stage out of the atmosphere. The 2nd stage job is to put the payload in earth orbit.

Falcon 9 Saturn V BFR Rocket

Saturn V was the first rocket that took human to the moon. IT is the most powerful rocket. It has 7.1 million pounds of thrust, to LEO means low earth orbit. It took 3 days to go to moon. At that time, NASA spend $353000000 to build now it might cost $ 1.6 billion if we could build it. It’s very hard to build Saturn V again as we don’t have the exact blue print.

BFR full form Big Falcon Rocket it has 2 stage when it completes it will the most powerful Rocket ever flown it can put 100 t to LEO. It has 31 raptor engines on the first stage, 2 stage has 2 sea level, 6 vacuumed. Thank you for reading my blog.

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