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Adish’s ISS Journey

My name is Adish Joshi. I am in 4th grade in Ardenwood Elementary, Fremont CA. I am participating in ISS program in Violet purple in 2018-2019. My project is going to launch to ISS in April 2019. I like hockey, basketball, swimming, dancing, science, technology and math. One I hope to be a hockey or basketball player or a CEO of a technology company.

I am involved in the Colors of Radiation. We di this project to find out if black or white was a better heater/cooler. We chose this project with the help of our ISS teacher. It could be useful for humankind because this will help us learn more about radiation. We worked as a team. It turned out that black was a better heater/cooler. It hasn’t affected my thoughts for a career. My follow-up experiment would be The Conductors of Heat.

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