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Utsav's Blog

Utsav is in 5th grade attending Stratford school in Pleasanton. He is participating in the ISS Program offered by Violet Purple Computer Learning center in 2019 and is excited to present his experiment at Kennedy Space Center, Florida where he plans to view the launch of SpaceX CRS-17 in April. He likes computers and doing DIY science. One day he hopes to be a coder!

Exploring space

Q:What project are you involved in?

A:I was involved in a project that tested which color heats faster and which cools faster.

Q:How did you choose the topic you investigated?

A: I was assigned the topic.

Q:How could this type of research be useful for humankind?

A: This researcher could help people decide which color to use to keep a place (EXAMPLE:Habitat, Martian base) cool.

Q:What did you do to get your experiment ready?

A: My team and I coded the project, tested it and sent it to space.

Q:If you could do a follow-up experiment, what might it be?

A: If I could do a follow-up project i would test more colors instead of just black and white.

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